Blockchain and AI will transform golf & leisure

The recent security concerns have made it difficult to enjoy leisure activities with peace of mind. To improve the risky centralized structure where the company's central server manages personal information, CWA creates a golf and accommodation reservation platform that introduces a distributed identity management system based on the DID blockchain that allows customers to use the service without having to disclose their identity information. In addition, the CWA coin based on real economic value and the AI golf lesson system will bring great changes to this market. The $CWA coin, which will be the core of the project, will be listed on a central exchange soon.
Why CWA?

The CWA will revolutionize the golf, leisure and recreation industry.

Recently, the membership information of the largest screen golf company in Korea, a $600 billion company, was breached, exposing the personal information of nearly 2 million people, and it's not just an issue for the screen golf industry, but for the entire golf, leisure, and recreation industry.

CWA will first launch the CWA GOLF & Leisure platform, which utilizes blockchain-based distributed identity management (DID) technology to allow customers to enjoy leisure with peace of mind without the possibility of personal information leakage.

We will also issue CWA coins and link them to all reservations and product purchase payments to solve the problems of personal information exposure and payment system security that may occur during payment.

The volatility of asset value that may occur due to the nature of virtual assets will be minimized by ensuring that the value of the company’s corporation, ChrisWorldResorts, which is worth at least 50 billion won, will support the value of the CWA coin and link it as a RWA (Real World Asset) token.

As an industry expert with over 20 years of experience running screen golf and resort companies, I, Chris, will be at the forefront of this innovation that must come with CWA.

동영상 재생
Our main project

CWA Leisure & Golf.
Blockchain-based decentralized identity
System adoption Leisure Platform

CWA creates a completely secure leisure platform that leverages Decentralized Identifier (DID) technology.

Privacy and security

Without exposing personal information

The CWA Leisure & Golf platform introduces a decentralized identity management system that enables users to realize their self-sovereign identity (SSI) and a blockchain payment system using CWA tokens, allowing them to enjoy their leisure life with peace of mind without exposing their information.

DID Encryption

Decentralized identity

Decentralized identity verification (DID) uses encryption to prove who you are without revealing your identity.

$CWA token

Platform main payment methods

The CWA platform also adopts a fully blockchain-based decentralized payment method, allowing all booking system and product purchase payments to be made with CWA tokens, creating a completely private and secure environment.


The CWA token, which will be the core payment method on the CWA platform, will be linked 1:1 to real-world assets, such as the value owned by the ChrisWorldTheResidence entity, to ensure that it retains its value.

Real World Asset Token

Tokens tied to the value of real-world assets


Expanding token distribution

The ChrisWorldTheResistance entity will conduct a centralized exchange listing of CWA tokens as an alternative to a corporate IPO, thus expanding the circulation of CWA tokens and attracting more users to the CWA platform.

How CWAs came to be

Ransomware damage in 2023


동영상 재생
The future we will change

How CWA will change the future

Chris World Assets will change the future of all leisure activities, making them safer and more convenient.
Book a golf course/screen golf course

Blockchain golf course and screen golf course reservations
based decentralized identity management system.
This is possible without exposing or storing the user's identity.

Book a golf lesson

CWA GOLF ACADEMY is a decentralized identity-based golf lesson booking and management platform that protects the privacy of both customers and instructors. while protecting the privacy of both customers and instructors. (AI Lessons)

Introducing crypto payments

Addresses payment-related security issues by enabling booking and product purchase payments via CWA coins within the CWA platform.

Book hotel/resort stays

Starting with Chrisworld, accommodation reservations can be made without exposing or storing any data such as personal information or reservation-related information, and check-in at DID-enabled non-face-to-face kiosks without storing personal information.

Introducing a DID system utilizing blockchain technology

CWA platform will be a leisure platform with 100% integrity and personal information security
and will become a leisure life platform with 100% integrity and personal information security.

Personal decentralized identity wallet

Platform users store their personally identifiable information (PII) directly in their CWA wallets, protected by cryptographic keys, and use them for authentication. The platform only needs to verify the authenticity of the DID issued via the blockchain.

Decentralized data archiving

As the validating entity, CWA no longer needs to store the user's identity information. It issues a proof to the user that is signed with the platform's distributed identifier (DID), which is issued and stored on-chain, such as on the Ethereum network, and sensitive information is encrypted so that it can be verified on demand.


CWA's unforgeable NFT (Soul Bound Token, SBT) membership card, CWT, makes it possible for on-chain identity proofs, such as tokens to prove membership in various communities, academies, etc. within the CWA platform, to be uniquely associated with a specific Ethereum address.

Private key Public key

Every user-generated DID comes with a private and public key pair. The private key allows the user to digitally sign documents, prove ownership, and consent to share selected data. The public key is a key that can be securely shared with anyone you choose to provide information to, similar to an email address. The public key ensures that the user's DID is verifiable without the need for the validator (platform) to contact them directly because it's on the blockchain.

CWA's DID Distributed Identity Management Technology Architecture

Decentralized Identifier DID and Secure Registration/Issuance of Identity Information secure registration/validation/issuance

DIDs and certificates are developed and trusted according to the W3C (Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) v1.0) standard.

You can prove ownership, bookings, etc. without revealing your information, and you can manage your own golf bookings, lessons, usage, accommodation bookings, and all your personal information. No one else, including our platform, can access your information, making it 100% secure and private.

Zero-Knowledge Proofs to Our Golf Reservation System

Introducing zero-knowledge proofs into a golf booking system

As part of our commitment to protecting the privacy of our customers and the integrity of our systems, CWA has implemented zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) technology in our golf booking system.

ZKP is an advanced encryption technology that allows us to prove the validity of claims without revealing the underlying content of the data. It allows our customers to verify their reservation times and membership status without exposing their personal information.
While the ZKP method validates booking information through a complex algorithm, it also provides added security for customers to book safely. The process requires minimal data, and your customers’ personal information is encrypted and kept private.


CWA is moving toward a future that is ready.

The CWA project has set out two key initiatives: first, to build a platform that will revolutionize the entire golf and leisure market going forward, and second, to list on a centralized exchange for the efficient distribution of the CWA coin, which will play a key role in this. Secondly, CWA acts as a mechanism for distributing the intrinsic value of the platform and is tied to the value of its own entity as an RWA, so it has set out a plan to increase the value of its own entity.
2022 - 2023 Q3

Create a CWA project plan

Analyzing the feasibility of adopting a blockchain system for golf and leisure platforms / Creating additional teams with different skills, expertise, and backgrounds / Analyzing the feasibility of linking the value of the company's physical assets to the coin / Developing a roadmap with key goals and timelines

2023 Q4

Reveal your $CWA project plan

Designed and developed a functional landing page for sharing CWA projects, released a whitepaper

2023 Q4

Launch of $CWA Talkonomics and announcement of IDO schedule

Announced $CWA Tokenomics launch and IDO timeline / Prepared to convert existing equity shareholders to $CWA

2023 Q4

CWA 1st Private Presale ~12.28

✅ Reached $50,000 goal for first round of private sale to existing shareholders/subscribers


$CWA Existing Stock-to-Token Conversion and First Private Sale Token Allocation

Allocating and converting tokens from the first round of private sale tokens to existing shareholders/subscribers

2023 Q4

Integrate your first $CWA payment

chris-spin Screengolf Sensor - $CWA - 1st physical product confirmed for purchase

2023.12.30 ~ 2023.01.10

CWA 2nd Public Sale ~24.01.10

✅ Reached $700,000 goal for second round of public sale to existing shareholders/subscribers

2023 Q4 ~ 2024 Q1

$CWA IEO Launchpad and CEX Public Sale

Major Exchange IEO Launchpad Acceptances Complete / Schedule to be announced soon

2024 Q1~Q2

First Listing of $CWA

List $CWA on a major central exchange (CEX)

2024 Q1~Q2

CWA Golf & Leisure APP beta released

IOS and Android APP key features and UI/UX unveiled

2024 Q2

First partner on the CWA Golf & Leisure platform

Signed MOU with Smartgolf, Chrisworld and other external service providers (golf courses or accommodations) to enter CWA Golf & Leisure APP

2024 Q2

Run your first $CWA token burning program

First CWA token burning in accordance with the commercial law guidelines of ChrisWorlder Residence, Inc.

2024 Q2

CWA Golf & Leisure full version ver 1.0 released

CWA Golf & Leisure official version 1.0 APP IOS and Android released

2024 Q2

Run a CWA brand awareness campaign

Executing large-scale on- and offline marketing to build brand awareness for CWA projects

2024 Q3

Multichain Network to Expand $CWA Payment Convenience

Establishment of a multi-chain payment system (Ethereum, BSC, OPTIMISM) that can be integrated with the DID blockchain server of CWA Golf & Leisure APP

2024 Q3

Additional listing of $CWA on major domestic and international exchanges (CEX)

Listing of $CWA on additional major domestic and international central exchanges

2024 Q3

Chris World the Resident introduces the famous resort brand

Initiated plans to introduce Chris World the Resident's famous resort brand that is physically linked to $CWA (PF execution, etc.) - Unveiled Company "B" resort brand

2024 Q4

CWA Golf & Leisure Q4 2024 Target Metrics

CWA Golf & Leisure has more than 1 million members / 10,000+ partners

2024 Q4

AI-powered Goalpreneur platform beta launched

Apply AI technology to analyze your golf swing and provide personalized swing characteristics. High-precision cameras and sensors collect detailed swing data, and AI algorithms using machine learning and deep learning analyze it to provide improvements.

ChrisWorld Asset Whitepaper®

Check out the ChrisWorldAsset whitepaper for a detailed description of the project, including the ChrisWorldAsset (CWA) token, platform, and roadmap for the future.

The CWA project follows W3C standards.

The W3C's Verifiable Credentials Data Model provides a standard specification for leveraging credentials on the web in a cryptographically secure, privacy-preserving, and machine-verifiable way. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), which sets standards for the Internet, has approved blockchain-based distributed identity verification (DID) technology as a new web standard. The W3C recognized DID, a digital signature technology based on secure blockchain technology, as a web standard because it can effectively protect privacy.


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Chris World Assets will protect the value of your personal information.

We want to introduce blockchain-based DID technology to our platform so that the golf and leisure industry can use it with peace of mind and without privacy leaks. We will also lead the RWA market, which combines the real economy and blockchain.

CEO of Smart Golf Co. and Chris World the Residence Co.

"I'm hoping to change the entire golf, leisure and tourism industry with this CWA project."

Representative of Chris World Asset (CWA) Project, Smart Golf, Chris World The Residence Co.

We're a team that's moving forward.

It's a team that can grow fast and strong.
Chris Park (Jihyung Park)



CWA is based on a real, profitable businesses that are actually making money.

Chris, the founder of the CWA project, has been running real-world screen golf and leisure businesses for over 20 years, including SmartGolf Inc. and Chris World the Residence Inc. With these capabilities, CWA Project will have stable and rapid growth, and $CWA's value is tied to these real-world businesses.

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